Services for Commercial Customers

Taking your concepts and designed layouts, we will work closely with you to design & engineer your ideas the way that you envisage. This not only takes away the unnecessary middle men, but means you don’t meat restraints set by others.

The advantages to utilising our services is you have full control to how the products are designed. We select all fixtures and fittings with you and specify that on the manufacturing drawings & Instructions. That way you have the choice of using multiple manufacturers giving you flexibility on service.

We can also be involved with the installation work, or provide the full installation service. This is so that we can support the job through to the end, ensuring that the transaction is as smooth as could possibly be. This guarantees a fully supported service, to ensure customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


As an installations team you aren’t just getting a team to assembly your products, you are also getting skilled knowledgable problem solvers!

We are able to offer full turn-key solutions to the construction industry, everything from kitchen and bedroom furniture to bedside lamps and mirrors can installed at the convenience of the main contractor.

Full office installations – desking, storage, chairs, pedestals, lockers, storewalls, desk screens

We have the right resources and experience to make your office relocation a seamless and stress free experience for your business and your team.  After fitting out your new premises our team can pack up your existing office and move everything on to the new location.

With over 12 years in the industry we will ensure that when things go wrong no matter what size the problem, we will do our best to correct this within our means, this not only keeps the client unaware and happy, but also protects your credentials with them.

We also offer an overnight or weekend service to ensure no down time is experienced and disruption to your team is minimal.

Should you require product(s) that isn’t available on the market, then we can be of assistance. With our expertise in product design and manufacturing, we can work with you to turn an idea into a reality. Not only that we can then utilise manufacturing partners to produce your finished product.

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Accomodation Sketching

Product Design

As product designers we have many years of experience in creating benchmark products, such as space saver beds, suited furniture and challenging bespoke fabrications. Working from concept through to finished product.

We create production-ready 2D drawings that communicate how your design should be manufactured and assembled. We will either utilise your existing borders and processes or if required re-create for you.

With a range of CAD software in-house, building and engineering your product into a digital 3D format is carried out accurately and efficiently.

With 3D printing facilities and contacts in the far east and the UK, there are endless options for evaluating your product.

Our network of trusted sub-manufacturing partnerships in the UK & the Far East gives us the capacity to produce any product to the specification required.

All avenues of your idea are explored using various techniques from researching trends and competitors to sketching initial design proposals.