Who We Are

Kitchen Fitters in Wigan, Greater Manchester

We are furniture fitters and cabinet assemblers with over 12 years of experience in the workshop and as a sub-contractors. We are fully qualified and insured. Offering help with design & supply, removal and disposal, installation of new kitchen. We take pride of our work and try to achieve the best finish possible to all our projects!

Below is the list of areas we specialise in to support your needs.…

Kitchen Fitting
Bathroom Fitting
Restoration & Refurbishment
Joinery & Cabinet Making
Office Installation
Student Accommodation


We also have many years of experience in Product Design and Engineering.

As design engineers we are competent in using 3D CAD software such as Solidworks, Solidedge, AutoCAD and much more. We will take your designs and engineer them accurately ready for manufacture.

Every project we take on, no matter the size, is given the same treatment – we put all of our minds together to make sure we come up with the best ideas for each project.

We understand the big impact that great graphic design has on how customers see, understand and interact with your brand.

That’s why we offer support in graphic design. We will focus on delivering the best graphic design for your organisation

Happy Clients
Successful Jobs

Principles Of Our Work

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Not only do we work towards yours brief, we also aspire to push the boundaries and give that little bit extra!


Working in the direction of designated common goals and values in unity and harmony, aware of the responsibilities sharing, mediating and always considering the interests of our customers.


To perceive the customers the reason for its existence, to ensure customer satisfaction by offering them high quality service with added value.