We specialise in fitting kitchens, but are also highly experienced with bedroom and bathroom fitting. We can help you with the design, manufacture or sourcing of suitable units, and fitting. We will ensure that your new kitchen is fully installed to your complete satisfaction.Read More »


We can provide a wide vary of solutions from product design, engineering solutions, production drawings, bespoke designs through to full installations and fitouts. Our experience allows us to give highly competitive prices.Read More »

Design Support

We offer our services in all aspects of design services: graphic design, web design, flyers and business cards.Read More »

Our Installations Projects

We pride ourselves on the finished product and there is no better way of doing that by doing the installation work. 

As an installations team you aren’t just getting a team to assembly your products, you are also getting skilled knowledgable problem solvers!

More About Us

Who we are

We are based around six individuals who have worked together for many years, and formed the best friendship that sparked the beginning of Spektra.

Our team is minded about design, engineering and precision. We always bounce of each other with ideas and inspiration.

With that foundation they have produced a company that will excel in anything that is asked of them along with a good team of support!

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Why choose us

Our determination to guarantee full satisfaction, and our goal to achieve the best we can with every project taken, gives us that edge in a competitive market place. However these are the points that put us above the rest….

  • Rigorous commitment to undergoing professional development
  • Excellent knowledge
  • Ability to work methodically and accurately
  • Friendly & helpful team
  • Meet stringent deadlines whilst maintaining quality standards
  • Excellent communication skills in ascertaining customer need

Our experience

Installation - 12 years
Product Design - 9 years
Engineering - 8 years
Marketing - 5 years
Graphic design - 12 years